Runjing technology is located at the international chemical industry park, New District of zhenjiang city in jiangsu province ,It is a leading of electronic chemical products production enterprise ,in 2014 had been commented for  high and new-technology enterprise , in May 2016 to complete New OTC Market We are actively  preparing for IPO In June 2017 we are now a wholly-owned subsidiary of  Shandong Haike Group , Haike Group is located in dongying city of shandong province, was founded in 1988, after nearly 30 years development and building has become a petrochemical industry, specialty chemicals, new materials, biological pharmaceutical, financial leasing, and international trade of integrated enterprise groups. Haike Group now has more than 4,100 employees, with sales exceeding 55 billion yuan, Haike Group ranked 291th the top 500 of Chinese enterprises.
Company highly pay attention to product development and technical reserves, adhere to independent research and development for key core technologies and products, with the preparation of electronic level tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide, electronic level tetraethyl ammonium hydroxide, four propyl ammonium hydroxide, tet


do our best with heart!

Strive for success ,Faith makes stronger

“Learning,modern,speeding, precision”is
Haike beacon and direction of the development of enterprises.
Realizing the value of every Haike employee while realizing
the development goals of the company ,
The biggest return to investors and society is the relentless pursuit of the Haike Group.


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